TanakaSan | BBQ Chicken Noodle Soup

char siu chicken thigh, Chinese broccoli, soft egg, toasted nori, scallion oil

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TanakaSan | Chuhai Citrus Kit

jinro soju (the world's best selling liquor), yuzu shiso soda, lime & orange

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TanakaSan | Scallion Pancake

braised octopus, celery root, garlic chive, shoyu vinaigrette

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TanakaSan | Steam, Smoke and Fire

TanakaSan chef Nathan Crave

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TanakaSan | Spicy Squid Hot Pot

Szechuan broth and fresh herbs

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TanakaSan | Tokyo Rub Albacore Tuna Bento Dinner

Served with nozomi rice, pickles, sesame spinach, shiitake green beans, daikon kimchee, miso egg

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TanakaSan | Godzilla LOVES our sake slushies

King of the Monsters! And our mascot

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TanakaSan | Hot Pots

Topped with Fresh Herbs

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TanakaSan | Sakes galore in Seattle!

From the traditional, to the unconventional (think: individual cups and sake slushies)

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TanakaSan | Assorted Mushroom Hot Pot

Fresh scallions

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TanakaSan | the Green Man

vodka, honey, lemon, green tea cube

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2121 6th AveSeattle, WA
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TanakaSan Hours

Mon-Fri 11AM-2:30PM

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Sun 3:00PM-9PM

Happy Hour
Mon-Fri 3-6PM

Sat & Sun 9AM-2:30PM

Welcome To TanakaSan!

TanakaSan is a modern American Asian restaurant. Eric Tanaka’s background as a Japanese-American kid growing up in LA’s melting pot sets the tone for our playful menu. This is the food that satisfies our cravings. We hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy cooking it!

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